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Meet Your 2020 Football Coaches!

We're excited to have a top notch group of coaches who are eager to work with your kids. Read more about each of them below.

Wyatt McCastle, Sr. - Kindergarten/1st Grade

Hello, my name is Wyatt McCastle Sr., and I am the head coach of the K/1 Jr. Trojan Football program. This is my second year coaching with the LJTF program. Last season, I was the head coach for the 2nd grade team and the defensive back coach for the 7th grade team. 

I am originally from the Philadelphia area and have been coaching football for 10 years. I have a rising 1st grader who can’t wait for the season to start. I LOVE football and being involved in the community! It is so important for our youth to grow up with positive role models, and I am honored to be a part of that.

The importance of starting football early cannot be understated. You want your players to develop good techniques, especially if they plan to continue playing football throughout school. My job is to ensure the safety of all players. We will work hard, learn a lot, and most importantly, we will have safe fun. I plan to develop these young men both on and off the field and teach them what it means to be part of a team. I am looking forward to a great season with you!

Brett Young - 3rd Grade

My name is Brett Young, and I am very excited to be the coach of the 3rd grade team this year. This will be my 5th year coaching in the Cobb Football League, and I know it will be the best one yet!

I am originally from Johnson City, TN and grew up playing football. Throughout my youth, my father coached teams I played on, and I knew that was something I wanted to do for my children as well.  I have two boys and a girl, and in what little spare time I have, I like to golf.

For the upcoming season, I am looking forward to my team working hard, playing fast, and most importantly, having fun. We will reinforce the fundamentals of football, ensuring our players know and understand what needs to be done. Hope to see you out there!

Curtis McGee - 4th Grade

Hello, my name is Curtis McGee and I'll be the head coach of the 4th grade team.

I've coached youth sports (football, baseball & basketball) for many years; the last three of which with the Pope Junior Program. I am excited to join the Lassiter Junior Program and help continue the great momentum we have.

I played football at Georgia Tech and went on to spend six years playing football professionally, including time with the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Saint Louis Rams. 


Scott Visor - 5th Grade

Hello parents and players, my name is Scott Visor, and I am the head coach of the 5th grade team. I relocated to the Atlanta area about six years ago with my wife Shaun and our two sons Wesley (13) and Jaxson (10).

I played varsity football, baseball, and basketball in high school and continued to play basketball in college. I believe that being a successful player of these sports gives me a clear vision of what a successful team should look like. I have been coaching football for the past eight years, the last three years with the CFL.

My coaching philosophy at this age is simple, learn, always compete, be disciplined, and understand it’s a team sport. If we start with the goal of winning a Super Bowl, then consistent winning will take care of itself. I feel very strongly that a good coach will make his players see what they can become rather than what they already are.

Tyler Flanagan - 6th Grade

My name is Tyler Flanagan and I am the head coach of the 6th grade team. I am looking forward to another great season with the Lassiter Jr Trojans.

I am a single father to two shepherd/boxer mixes. They are named Frank and Lola thanks to Jimmy Buffett. I co-own Rain Control Atlanta with my father, Mark Flanagan, the head coach of the 7th grade team. In my free time, I like to golf and hike, and I try to get to the beach as often as possible.

I played football when I was younger and was a starter all four years of high school. I have been coaching for ten years, much of that time spent as a Defensive Coordinator. I have coached with FBU for six years and All-Stars for eight years. I have been with Lassiter for the past two years as an assistant head coach. This season, I will focus on building skills to create accurate and effective players. We will learn, practice, and master the sport of football!

Mark Flanagan - 7th Grade

My name is Mark Flanagan, and I am the 7th grade head coach. I have vast knowledge of how to be an effective coach and am looking forward to a successful season!

My wife Susan and I live in the Woodstock area and love it. I am an Army Veteran and have degrees in political science, history, and psychology. I own and operate an irrigation company with my son Tyler, who is the head coach of the 6th grade team. Most of my free time is spent on football, being a member of the FBU National Advisory Board and the current GMSAA FBU Director.

I have been coaching football for 24 years, with 18 of those in GMSAA. I was the 2015 GMSAA Coach of the Year and inducted into the GMSAA Hall of Fame in 2017. I have had three undefeated seasons with GMSAA and have led my team to the playoffs 14 out of 18 years. I have been with Lassiter for the past six years, obtaining two division titles and four playoff appearances. I have high expectations of my players, ensuring they play to their full potential. I am excited about the upcoming season and eager to get on the field!

Kurt Handler - 8th Grade